Paratherm Extends Globally

For over 25 years, Paratherm has been exceeding the expectations that come along with our reputation as a premier provider of heat transfer fluids and related expertise in North America.  This is the inherent result of our refusal to compromise on the quality of our products and our genuine dedication to supporting the needs of our customers.  We have proven ourselves with end users and key industry specifiers as the “go-to” support team whenever a mishap or crisis occurs.  As our business capabilities extend globally, our commitment to staying true to the core practices that make us who we are puts Paratherm in a position to become a true world leader in thermal-fluid products & services.

 globe_27_fulltop-300x150It is a common occurrence for plant managers to reach out to us in a panic for a fast and reliable solution to their thermal-fluid crisis situation.  Paratherm has heard it all, from catastrophic system issues (“somebody” backed the forklift into a valve and there’s 300 gallons of fluid on the floor) to moisture flashes forcing hot fluid to be violently discharged from top of the expansion tank (but how could THAT MUCH water get into my system?!).

Admittedly, the majority of Paratherm’s emergency responses are related to less dramatic situations such as the immediate need for more fluid due to a “routine” maintenance-induced leak or a significant miscalculation of volume on an initial fill.  The point is that Paratherm’s on-call team has the practical experience and dedicated availability that allows us to help get operations back up and running quickly and safely regardless of what has occurred and why.

As you can imagine, emergencies of this nature tend to happen during off-peak hours and/or during the most crucial points in time.   Luckily, Paratherm is committed to serving our customers no matter the time of day (or night for that matter) or their location.  Our customer service and logistics teams will respond regardless if it’s the weekend, middle of the night or a holiday.  We will respond to your call for help, provide any technical feedback necessary over the phone and proceed to contact our warehouse operators and expedited shipping services to urgently supply the necessary volume of heat transfer fluid to avert the crisis and minimize the loss of production.

globe_27_fullbottom-300x150The reason we can serve our customers during these most crucial times is that we have built and qualified a network of resources that effectively covers the industrialized world.  Quite literally, we have dedicated infrastructure, inventory and support personnel in strategic locations worldwide.

While Paratherm is already well known in the industry for our presence throughout the US and Canada, we also have a global distribution channel and support capabilities that we are quite proud of.  And now, as a result of being acquired The Lubrizol Corporation in 2012, Paratherm has a physical presence in 8 countries, effectively extending the reach of our capabilities across 6 continents.  We are genuinely excited about our recent growth and honored to be serving this industry on a truly global scale where we can continue to aid in its progress and become the leading source of heat transfer fluid solutions and distribution.

To inquire more about our heat transfer fluids, hot-oil systems cleaners, or technical services around the world, please visit Paratherm’s international support page.