Breakthrough Additive for Heat Transfer Systems

Paratherm Introduces Antioxidant Additive for Heat Transfer Fluid Systems

West Conshohocken, PA – USA – May 15, 2015

Breakthrough Paratherm™ AP (Antioxidant Protection) additive product rejuvenates oxidized hot oil

Usually, a new product from Paratherm is a heat transfer fluid, or sometimes a liquid for cleaning out deposits of sludge and carbon that form inside the system when the fluid deteriorates.

Paratherm AP (Antioxidant Protection) Heat Transfer System Additive

Paratherm is introducing a new product for hot oil systems that doesn’t fit in either of those categories. The Paratherm AP (Antioxidant Protection) Additive is designed to be added to operating hot-oil systems to extend the oil’s useful life.

“Acids are the cause of the most common hot-oil system problem— sludge” says Jim Oetinger, technical director for Paratherm. “When expansion tanks are installed and operated properly, the oil stays cool and acid formation is very slow. However some expansion tanks aren’t installed properly. Sometimes the expansion line is insulated or is less than 4’ long. Warm-up valves are left open or sunlight hits a tank that is painted a dark color. These can cause the tank to run hot enough to form acids when the oil reacts with oxygen. And once the Acid Number reaches 0.3-0.4, carbon starts to form.”

Paratherm AP interrupts this sequence. Incorporating a sacrificial antioxidant, Paratherm AP prevents the acids from converting to sludge. Paratherm AP is not a permanent cure — sacrificial additives become depleted over time and eventually the protection stops. So antioxidants don’t eliminate the need for preventive maintenance, they just reduce or delay the need for oil change-out. Periodic testing is the only truly accurate way to tell whether the additive is still present .

“In 20+ years of analyzing samples and advising customers I’ve seen more problems from oxidation than from overheating or any other single issue,” says Oetinger.

Before this product came on the market, the only alternative to an elevated acid number was to change out the fluid, entirely or in part. And there are circumstances where the oxidation may have already progressed too far for this additive to be practically useful.

But Paratherm recognizes that change-out isn’t always convenient, or even possible, in certain processing situations. In particular, seasonal operations like asphalt production have no time for downtime when the paving push is on.

Paratherm AP Additive is available in 55-gallon drums. If there’s a need, for smaller systems, 5-gallon pails may be introduced as well.