Perfect Paratherm Fit: New Business Director Ed Delate Aboard Team


If you read our December blog you already know about the addition of Ed Delate to the Paratherm team this past August. For those of you who missed our post – Ed is our newest Business Director, bringing an abundance of great ideas to further our company goals and initiatives.

What Makes Paratherm Different


The beauty of closed-loop hot-oil technology is that it operates simply and uniformly with little of the maintenance intervention required by alternatives like steam or direct heat.

Paratherm Extends Globally


For over 25 years, Paratherm has been exceeding the expectations that come along with our reputation as a premier provider of heat transfer fluids and related expertise in North America.

Breakthrough Additive for Heat Transfer Systems


Paratherm Introduces Antioxidant Additive for Heat Transfer Fluid Systems West Conshohocken, PA – USA – May 15, 2015 Breakthrough Paratherm™ AP (Antioxidant Protection) additive product rejuvenates oxidized hot oil Usually, a new product from Paratherm is a heat transfer fluid, or sometimes a liquid for cleaning out deposits of sludge and carbon that form inside the […]

New Paratherm™ HT Heat Transfer Fluid


Paratherm recently introduced Paratherm HT Heat Transfer Fluid, which further expands the line’s temperature range for processing applications.

IPPE 2015 Has Arrived!


In manufacturing, it’s not just about making quality products. In order to stay ahead, it’s important to get out there, interact with clients and peers, and stay on top of all industry trends.

The Easy Way to Sell More Fluid


The reason Paratherm, and other responsible heat-transfer fluid manufacturers, put so much value on fluid analysis is because it’s an objective and scientific evaluation.