Paratherm™ HT Hydrogenated Terphenyl Heat Transfer Fluid

Paratherm™ HT Hydrogenated Terphenyl Heat Transfer Fluid

High Temperature • High Thermal Stability


Paratherm HT Heat Transfer Fluid is a partially hydrogenated terphenyl based product designed for closed-loop liquid phase heating to 343°C in fired heaters and 358°C in solid-fuel-fired heat recovery and full convection heaters.

Applications Include:

  • Gas Processing
  • Chemical Processes
  • Waste Oil Recovery
  • Biomass
Note: If you are experiencing short supply, or long lead times for your currently specified synthetic/aromatic 343°C (terphenyl or alkylated aromatic) heat transfer fluid, call Paratherm for a point-by-point comparison of physical properties. We have product available, and may have just the fluid for your application. 01792 586800. Or, use the links on the left side of this page to compare properties with Therminol 66.

Proven Formulation

Partially hydrogenated terphenyls have been used successfully in high temperature heat transfer applications for many years. Because it meets the quality standards users have come to expect of this type of chemical, Paratherm HT is fully compatible with existing installations that require topping off or full replacement.

Comparison of Paratherm HT with Therminol 66*

Property Paratherm HT Therminol 66
Chemical Composition Modified Terphenyl Modified Terphenyl
Maximum Operating Temperature 343°C (650ºF) 343°C (650°F)
Maximum Film Temperature 374°C (705°F) 374°C (705°F)
Minimum Start-up Temp (300 cSt) 11°C (52.0°F) 11°C (52.0°F)
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 C 32.0 cSt 29.6 cSt
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 C 4.2 cSt 3.8 cSt
Density @ 25 C 1005 kg/m3 (8.34 lb/gal) 1005 kg/m3 (8.39 lb/gal)
*Therminol 66 is a trademark of Solutia Inc.

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