Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood

This industry supplies the housing and construction markets with oriented strand board (OSB), medium density fiber (MDF), paneling, plywood and other specialty wood-based building products.

The processes use mats of compressed wood strips bonded with wax and resin adhesives.  In a thermal-oil-heated press, the mat is compressed and the wood and adhesive materials are bonded and cured by heat activation at temperatures up to 287ºC.

Heat transfer fluids are an extremely important part of these processes because for the enormous heat loads, quantities can range from 37850 to 283903 litres. Because safety, maintenance, and uptime issues are important in these large applications, technical support for the fluids and equipment can be crucial for plant management and maintenance professionals.

Paratherm HE® Heat Transfer Fluid is a key product for engineered wood processes due to its high-quality group II base stock and high flash point.

Paratherm LC™ System Cleaner can be an excellent option for these large systems if sludge deposits need clearing.

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